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ADUs: What You Need To Know and Why Build One?

Almost two years ago the former Governor of California signed three very important bills that affected residents all over the state. These bills clarified and improved the already existing law regarding the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) or Granny Flats. For starters, it legalized ADUs in all California cities. The new, relaxed legislation also makes it much easier for owners of single-family dwellings to build ADUs on their property, and addresses areas such as: parking, zoning and design requirements, the permitting process, and more. These bills follow the tension and complaints that have built up over the California Housing Crisis, alleviating some of the issues it has caused.

Previous restrictions made it very difficult for homeowners to build affordable ADUs on their property. While there are still regulations on ADUs, the path to building them has become a lot easier and more efficient, notably the permitting process and parking. Ever since the reform, applicati…
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To Build or Not To Build: One-story vs. Two-Story Home

Once upon a time in the early 2000's our company used to build huge two-story homes that people loved, however tastes changed and the housing trend went from two-story everything to highly desired single level homes. So we adapted and started building a number of one-story homes, which became our new M.O. And we noticed that when we held grand openings or open houses for our new homes, people walking through would comment something along the lines of: "It's so nice that it's one-story!" or "Thank goodness, no stairs!" and even the occasional "We are looking for a one-story home because our stairs have become too much of a hassle or don't match the needs of our family."

Whether you are building or buying a home, you are going to take into consideration the number of levels you want. So lets run through a list of the great and not so great aspects about each option.
Lets point out the obvious: you don't have to haul y…

Building a Modern Farmhouse Style Home

I know, “modern farmhouse” sounds slightly ironic and perhaps a bit like an oxymoron, such as: small crowd, act natural, or random order. However, this style is currently the top exterior design trend sweeping our country. It calls upon traditional designs mingled with modern textures; a family-friendly, classic feel with a contemporary twist! It is not country living, rather country-inspired living. Sleek, clean lines with cozy elements etch the modern farmhouse look including: polished horizontal and vertical wood sidings, a full or partial metal roof, and the tasteful use of contrasting colors. Porches, columns, and stone accents all unify to develop this standalone style. 

The key to attaining this visual aesthetic is comfort. Designing the home in a way that has the sophistication and elegance of contemporary architecture, but also invites you to come inside and enjoy a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven. Country and industrial elements should be identified inside an…

Using Bold Colors in Your Home

Designing the interior of your dream home is just as important as laying out the the floor plan and exterior. MDD Homes is there for you the whole design and development process, leading you through every detailed step, but the inside of your home? That's all you (okay and maybe a little help from an interior designer)! MDD delivers you a blank canvas waiting for all its empty spaces to be filled with your personal touch.
Maybe you are in the process of designing and building your very own home, currently remodeling, or thinking about getting new furniture, whatever the case, here are some tips on using bold color(s) in your home.

Color theory is a serious science, but simply put, it explores how color affects peoples feelings. When applied to interior design you can create a space that has the power to change moods and establish a distinguished style while achieving your design dreams.
You can start by choosing one look for your entire home (this does not mean one color). For ex…

Kitchen Transformations

Where food and merriment are meant to be shared! Kitchens are the central place of any home where family and friends come together to enjoy the simple pleasures of dinners and parties. Over the years we have seen an abundance of constructive designs where kitchen themes have varied greatly from traditional cottage to futuristic smart home fashions. Here are some of our favorite themes that we still love and create today! 

Classic:  Let your imagination run wild with these kitchens! The boundaries for fun and design are truly limitless here. Instead of muting a solid color throughout the kitchen, a second lighter or contrasting color can be added to bring out the darker wood features that are in either the flooring or ceiling beams. A more common trend has been installing white or cream colored cabinetry that certainly brightens up a home. In focused points, see-thru glass cupboards are added to bring a unique style and allow more use for decoration inside cabinets as well. These kitch…

SubZero-Wolf Showroom Tour!

If you have ever gotten the chance to walk through one of our model homes, or looked closely at the photos of the kitchens on our website, you will notice that each house, unique as they may be, have one thing in common: the appliances. McCullough Design Development is a BIG fan of SubZero-Wolf products, and their trademarked red knobs can be seen in every MDD home, as they are considered standard for all of our homes.
Our contact at SubZero-Wolf (SZ-W) invited MDD to come and see their showroom in Costa Mesa and have lunch! We said "absolutely!" and took a little trip up there this past Friday. The showroom was breathtaking! Every mock kitchen display was something out of a chef's dream. We got a full tour of the place, allowing us to see all of SZ-W's latest innovative products, including the newest addition to their brand: the Cove Dishwasher. This dishwasher operates with near silence, ensures spotless dishes every time, and is adaptive to the dishes you wash the…

2018 New Home Trends - Geometric Patterns

New designs, trends, and ideas flow in every year for us to sift through until we find what we want to put into the interior of our homes. If you are looking for something new and fresh or just different, take a look below at one of the new home trends of 2018: Geometric patterns!

We recently finished building a beautiful home for one of our clients in Del Sur. They implemented geometric patterns on bathroom walls and back splashes throughout their home and it is just too cool not to share! Using geometric shapes this way really fills the room with a dramatic presence and catches your eye. It can also be more subtle, like in the last photo with the 3D hexagonal textured wall. This chic geometric shape look can also be achieved by use of home decor like pillows and wall art.