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On a Quiet Urban Reserve

ON A QUIET URBAN RESERVE Knowing that authenticity is not something that can be copied, but something that is created, drives our innovative design-build firm to break free from the mold. After over 30 years in the business, custom design/builder, Monty McCullough, has developed an affinity for learning new techniques and styles, while drawing inspiration from the classics, discovering that one creation always leads to another. We wholeheartedly believes in the mantra of quality over quantity, designing homes that endure for generations. On a quiet urban reserve in West Carmel Valley enveloped by over  900 acres of untouched natural habitat of rolling hills and coastal canyons, rests  two brand new 1-acre lots .  As a heavily desired locality in California, the Del Mar Mesa exhibits one of the state’s top-rated school districts, is within close proximity to the ocean, and contains miles of hiking and horseback riding trails. With no HOA or Mello-Roos in the area, indiv
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Makeover During Quarantine?

How’s it going SoCal? Here at MDD we know all too well that you are done being stuck at home and looking for something productive. Well, stop lounging around the house aimlessly because we have the answer for you! Now more than ever is the perfect time to bring the place where you live closer to being called “home.” There are some things one must know before jumping into the art of decorating, which believe us is no easy task. Here are some ideas that might help you and your family out:         REORGANIZE Just because there is space for something, doesn’t mean it belongs there. Look at your kitchen counter top or your office desk and think about the number of items that are put there. It is only natural for people to collect things over time that may look nice, but does it belong there? From a distance, does it look cluttered? An important lesson to learn before even starting, is that there is true value in simplicity and empty spaces. The farther apart good pieces are

Reveling in the Beauty of Rancho Valencia

Two months ago we opened the doors of our latest design of polished architecture in the esteemed Rancho Valencia Resort community to the public. Quality radiates throughout the home as clean lines and neutral colors define the  well thought out spaces.  “At the core of our company we are about quality over quantity and timeless artistry over trendy fads and t his home echoes those themes throughout,” says our lead designer and owner of MDD Homes, Monty McCullough. This new chapter in design is a storyteller’s twist on the familiar Southern  California-Spanish architecture set in the peaceful luxury of San Diego's finest community  curtained by the backdrop a tranquil forest. C lad with a fusion of smooth white stucco and urban cement grey stone  exterior, with contemporary interiors of mineral blues, soft whites, and inky blacks all surrounded by lush and vibrant landscaping sets the stage for a crisp, contemporary welcome. An open floorplan design of 5,400 sqft with 4BR, 4

MDD’s Grand Opening Success!

A Modern Farmhouse style showcase model home in Artesian Hills and a brand-new coastal estate in Carlsbad made their debut this past weekend from San Diego Builder, MDD Homes. The result? A combination of the two open houses garnered an 800-person turnout. The showcase model home, however, was the main event, complete with an in-house culinary artist preparing light hor d’oeurves and bite-sized desserts for people to enjoy as they strolled through the sprawling estate. From the moment you enter the 4,675 sqft. dwelling through the 10ft tall gravity pivot door you are struck with an expanding great room that seamlessly bridges the gap between indoors and outdoors, allowing a vast, panoramic view of southern California’s hillside terrain from the grand veranda. A common theme noted over the weekend was about this unique characteristic, “I love the openness when you first walk in.” Others described how it applied to the family unit and recreation, “truly a house designed for spending t

ADUs: What You Need To Know and Why Build One? Almost two years ago the former Governor of California signed three very important bills that affected residents all over the state. These bills clarified and improved the already existing law regarding the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) or Granny Flats.  For starters, it legalized ADUs in all California cities.  The new, relaxed legislation also makes it much easier for owners of single-family dwellings to build ADUs on their property, and addresses areas such as: parking, zoning and design requirements, the permitting process, and more. These bills follow the tension and complaints that have built up over the California Housing Crisis , alleviating some of the issues it has caused. Previous restrictions made it very difficult for homeowners to build affordable ADUs on their property. While there are still regulations on ADUs, the path to building them has become a lo

To Build or Not To Build: One-story vs. Two-Story Home

Once upon a time in the early 2000's our company used to build huge two-story homes that people loved, however tastes changed and the housing trend went from two-story everything to highly desired single level homes. So we adapted and started building a number of one-story homes, which became our new M.O. And we noticed that when we held grand openings or open houses for our new homes, people walking through would comment something along the lines of: "It's so nice that it's one-story!" or "Thank goodness, no stairs!" and even the occasional "We are looking for a one-story home because our stairs have become too much of a hassle or don't match the needs of our family." Whether you are building or buying a home, you are going to take into consideration the number of levels you want. So lets run through a list of the great and not so great aspects about each option. ONE-STORY HOMES Pros: Lets point out the obvious: you don't

Building a Modern Farmhouse Style Home

I know, “modern farmhouse” sounds slightly ironic and perhaps a bit like an oxymoron, such as: small crowd, act natural, or random order. However, this style is currently the  top exterior design trend  sweeping our country. It calls upon traditional designs mingled with modern textures; a family-friendly, classic feel with a contemporary twist! It is not country living, rather country-inspired living. Sleek, clean lines with cozy elements etch the modern farmhouse look including: polished horizontal and vertical  wood sidings , a full or partial  metal roof , and the tasteful use of  contrasting colors . Porches, columns, and stone accents all unify to develop this standalone style.  The key to attaining this visual aesthetic is comfort. Designing the home in a way that has the sophistication and elegance of contemporary architecture, but also invites you to come inside and enjoy a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven. Country and industrial elements should be identi