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How We Build Your Dream Home - Part 12

Last month we installed beautiful wood floors!  This month we will discuss granite slab countertops and backsplashes!

Polished natural stone slab, usually granite or other igneous rock with large crystals, is a popular choice for kitchen countertops due to its high durability and aesthetic qualities. In most of our homes, all of the countertops are made of owner selected class 1 & 2 granite slabs with double bullnose edges. The granite slab is shaped using cutting and finishing equipment in the shop of the fabricator. The edges are commonly put on by hand-held routers, grinders, or CNC equipment. The client can choose from a stockyard of slabs before the material is surface polished and edged.Because our countertops are of natural stone, each is unique, often with highly variegated patterns to add quality and character to the home.The countertop assembly is installed on the job site by a professional crew.

This series of pictures shows different options of granite colors, shapes, …