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Construction is like origami...

Many things in life vary in complexity, including math, origami, and construction.  According to, when it comes to construction, "project complexity is directly related to the amount of time an architect has to spend designing and administering a project".
If we rank construction projects into levels of complexity, Group 1 are the most simple buildings and include industrial buildings or parking structures. Projects increase in complexity to apartments, convention halls, theaters, and finally the most complicated is Group 5 which includes the Custom Residence.  It is no wonder!  Have you ever considered all of the intricacies involved in a home?

From a solid foundation to the roof tiles, homes are expected to last for centuries through harsh environmental conditions and human inflicted wear and tear.

There are countless parts to a house that need to work together and numerous skilled laborers involved.  Consider the skills needed: to make sure the wall…

Winner Winner...

Exciting news!  We placed 3rd in the preliminary 2015 Sub-Zero/Wolf Kitchen Design Contest!  This was just regional, so wish us luck in the national contest!

If you haven't seen this kitchen in person, you really should stop by our showcase model home!  It is even more impressive in person!  8330 Artesian Road, San Diego, CA 92122
For directions, days and hours, visit our website at

P.S.  You could cook an AMAZING chicken dinner in this kitchen!