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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Custom Estate Home?

There are many different factors to think about when building a custom estate home. When it comes to the cost of a home like this using the living square footage can be misleading and an inefficient way to calculate the true cost. That's why MDD considers key factors when computing home costs.

One thing they like to look at is total under roof square footage. This means recognizing areas that are not generally included in living square footage such as: garages, verandas, and workshops.

Site specific costs are another thing that we keep in mind. The size, shape, and topography of a lot dramatically affect the cost. Exterior enhancements like: pools and spas, length of a driveway, fencing, and landscaping are large cost drivers in a homes overall cost. The living areas of the home can be quite a cost too. Each area of the home is unique based on finishes and amenities requested, making some rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms, more expensive than others. As a home grows in square foot…

Coming Soon: Alta Del Mar Lot 94!

Alta Del Mar Lot 94 is almost ready! We are very excited to present this completed custom estate home that is about to go on the market in just a couple weeks. Priced at $3.195M this home is one of the last in the Del Mar Mesa. 5,100 sf. single story estate home with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and guest living, fully landscaped, 4-car garage, outdoor veranda with a fireplace, and a sports and entertainment room. It overlooks the coastal Carmel Valley and is surrounded by lush vistas and canyons with views of the Grand Del Mar and the Pacific Ocean at sunset.
Here is a behind the scenes look of the building process: