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How We Build Your Dream Home - Part 15

Hot weather!  No School!
What better time to talk about how we build your Dream Home and Dream POOL than when summer is about to smack us in the face?

Here at McCullough Design Development, we work with some excellent pool companies that make beautiful pools for the homes we build. Here is a little info on how it works!
All pools must be engineered and have permits that show they are following city specifications (like depth and steel requirements).

Most pools are underground and must be dug.Often the digging is done with a mini excavator or skid steer loader and the dug up dirt must be hauled out.The pool we are featuring here is a rectangular pool with a zero edge and a Baja shelfIn other words, it is mostly underground with a vanishing edge that disappears over an exposed side.

After digging, plumbing lines and gas lines are placed for the pool equipment.
Next steel work is laid as a framework grid using steel reinforcing rods or rebar.They are spaced 10 inches apart and secured…