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Front Doors

The front door says a lot about a home.  Whether you are welcoming guests or guarding your fortress, McCullough Design allows our homebuilders to pick a door that suits their home and personality.    
Our standard front doors are custom designed of solid alder wood and come with the option of sidelights.  Door hardware and hinges are from Emtek, famous for their distinctive hardware for fine homes. 
 Choose any color, size and style to enhance your home's character.
Single with sidelights 
No matter your taste, you will find the perfect door that welcomes you home!   To build a home with McCullough Design, stop by our Gables Crossing model home in Del Sur at the corner of Camino Del Sur and Artesian Road (just follow the signs) or visit our website.

How We Build Your Dream Home - Part 5

We are already onto part 5! – Electrical & Plumbing
Most people don't give much thought to electrical and plumbing.  Perhaps it is because these systems are so reliable and problem free that we tend to take them for granted.  Let's take a quick look at the intricacies of how our homes get light and water!
Rough-in electrical occurs after the framing has been completed but before the drywall has gone up. It is the time when access to the space between the studs, floor joists (long pieces of wood or metal put below a floor or ceiling to support it), ceiling joists and every other nook and cranny is most easily accessed.

Rough-in refers to the rough installation of the electrical wiring, boxes, fixture mounts, breaker panel, and sub panels. We install a 300 amp main panel and one 125 amp sub panel in every home, per the house plans that have been drawn.(The installation of switches, outlets, fixtures and so on will occur during the finish phase as the construction work nears com…

Fireplaces by MDD

The Fireplace is a vital component to warm up a room!  (Literally!)  Not only are fireplaces functional, but MDD makes sure they are beautifully crafted according to your wants, needs, and design preference, making them a fabulous gathering place for friends and family.
For most of our fireplaces, we start with the high-quality FMI Georgian 36 Inch Smooth Faced Woodburning Fireplace, which comes fully insulated with deluxe herringbone textured terra cotta refractory brick liner. It is durable, well constructed and can be installed indoors or outdoors.  The standard fireplace surround is tile with a hearth cap and tile facing of Eldorado Stone to match the surround.
 Of course options and upgrades are always available!  Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor, small or large, simple or showy, traditional or remote controlled, we will build a fireplace that you will love!
Make the fireplace the center of attention with a full stone or brick wall and a beautifully stained mantl…

How We Build Your Dream Home - Part 4

For those of you just joining us, we are in the middle of building your custom dream home.  So far we have taken care of all of the financials, paperwork and permits, we have a foundation, framed and sheathed walls and a roof that has already been felted.  Now we will delve into HVAC, Fireplaces and Windows! This is exciting work! 

Plumbers are on site installing all ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plumbing pipes used for vents and drains (pex or copper water lines are added later) and gas lines.   Roof tiles are loaded onto the roof.Tiles are loaded now to weigh the roof down and ensure that all trusses are settled.  To avoid getting painted, they are not laid out until after the exterior stucco is sprayed.  Loading the tiles also acclimates the tiles to the temperature conditions.Most of our roof tiles are flat concrete tiles with the color blend selected by the owner.     
Fireplaces have to be installed at this time as well.Placement of fireplaces, vents and chimneys must be …