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Construction: Staircase

The construction of a home is a very exciting time! It is an intricate and precise process. Watching the transformation from skeleton to a fully furnished home is truly amazing. Not many get the opportunity to visit a job site to see the whole building process.
Two-story homes are especially unique when it comes to their infrastructure. Ever wonder what a staircase under construction looks like? Take a look below! Stair climing burns more calories per minute than jogging, so it is important that they are built and put in correctly and with accuracy. Construction is an important step of a home's beginning and only one of many parts that come together to make it a whole.
Staircase under construction at one of our projects:

Entertainment Rooms

Recorded your favorite show and the living room TV is taken, where else could you go? That's why a separate entertainment room is just the thing! Over the thirty years of designing and building for hundred's of clients, we have found that building extra space for entertainment purposes has been very popular.  

It's hard not to see why because these rooms are perfect for anything you want to create! We have seen an assortment of game rooms, music rooms, library's and art rooms etc. It is just what is needed if multiple functions are taking place at once within a home, and giving your guests a chance to be settled without much disruption if needed. A bit smaller than a living room, it shares enough space for anyone to hang out and have a good time!
If dad needs to watch a football game, the kids have friends over, or grandma invited her knitting circle, don't worry! That's when these rooms would come in handy.