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Multigenerational Living - The Old New Trend

Yes, it really is making a comeback!

During the 1940's about 1/4th of the worlds population lived in a home with three or more generations present, and now we have seen an increase in this trend over the past few years.
In the industry of custom homes architects are finding that multi-generational living is on the rise and not slowing down! "In fact, for the first time in 130 years, living with parents surpasses other living arrangements for those 18 to 34" (Multigenerational Living is Back and it's a Good Thing). Whether the situation is kids returning home, parents moving in, adding roommates, or putting up guests, having that extra space is nice and useful. There are benefits in it for everyone: it makes it easier to care for aging parents, children are able to build relationships with older members of the family, and it saves money for all involved.

There is an art to designing homes like this because for multiple generations to live under one roof there needs to…