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ADUs: What You Need To Know and Why Build One?

Almost two years ago the former Governor of California signed three very important bills that affected residents all over the state. These bills clarified and improved the already existing law regarding the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) or Granny Flats. For starters, it legalized ADUs in all California cities. The new, relaxed legislation also makes it much easier for owners of single-family dwellings to build ADUs on their property, and addresses areas such as: parking, zoning and design requirements, the permitting process, and more. These bills follow the tension and complaints that have built up over the California Housing Crisis, alleviating some of the issues it has caused.

Previous restrictions made it very difficult for homeowners to build affordable ADUs on their property. While there are still regulations on ADUs, the path to building them has become a lot easier and more efficient, notably the permitting process and parking. Ever since the reform, applicati…