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How We Build Your Dream Home - Part 7

Step 7 –  Home Exterior - Stucco and Veneer

We are putting on the stucco!  Our wooden structure will finally start looking like a real home!  Putting Stucco on a house consists of a series of steps.

First is the lath.  Lath is alatticework used asabackingforplasterorstucco.  When we lath a home, we have three layers including Tyvek moisture barrier, black paper and wire.

The wood framed home is protected from moisture damage by applying a vapor-permeable, water-resistant weather barrier. The Tyvek® HomeWrap™ that we use is like a windbreaker, helping to keep air and water out.The weather barrier must not only protect the framing from rain and moisture, but at the same time allow the free passage of any water vapor generated inside the building to escape through the wall. With Tyvek®, walls stay dry inside, preventing moisture buildup, mold and potential structural damage.  The following pictures show the process of wrapping a house with Tyvek.

After the moisture barrier is app…

The New Single Story Home

Earlier this month, McCullough Design Development was featured in the New Homes Section of the Union Tribune.  Here is the front page article!

McCullough Design: Building the New Single-Story Home

As San Diego comes out of these challenging economic times, we find ourselves analyzing every financial decision with a more discerning eye, and when investing in the future there is no place like a single story home.
“I talk to folks all the time who just cannot find the single story floorplan they are looking for, even in this market of good deals,” says Monty McCullough, lead designer of McCullough Design Development (MDD). This company gives the market what it is looking for, a smaller single story estate home with the same high quality and high-end amenities that are found in larger estate homes, but designed more efficiently around the rooms we live in everyday. Their pricing compares to short-sales and foreclosures seen in the market, yet delivers the floorplan that people need.

Kitchens by MDD

The Kitchen.  No matter your age or status, everyone loves a kitchen.  At McCullough Design Development, we design entertainment sized kitchens because we know this is where the action happens!  Whether you are entertaining guests or cooking grilled cheese for the kids, our kitchens get the job done.  

Select your style of Granite slab countertops with double bullnose edge.  A natural stone of immense beauty, granite is available in many colors and finishing styles, from polished to matte and textured. It is strong, very durable, easy to clean and doesn’t gather dirt. It won’t stain or scratch and is resistant to heat, water, and chemicals.

Backsplashes are usually of tumbled travertine tile, measuring full height at the kitchen.  Tile patterns and mosaics are chosen by the homeowner.

Kitchen flooring is often of Taverntine tile, known for its unique beauty and everlasting durability.  Travertine is a natural stone tile with a non-slip surface that is resistant to heat, with twice the…

How We Build Your Dream Home - Part 6

Part 6 - There is so much going on inside your dream home right now!  We are going to briefly discuss a potpourri of items including, Exterior Doors, Fire sprinklers, Hot mop, Insulation, & Drywall!
The windows are already in, but we need to install the exterior doors.This consists of slider doors and front doors.Interior and garage doors are installed later.If you choose French swinging doors, we install Thermatrue fiberglass French doors so the home can eventually look like this:
Sliding French doors can have wood or metal clad skidding door systems.
Many people upgrade to lift-and-slide disappearing French doors by Weiland, custom built for large exterior openings to transition from indoors to out.
These doors open and slide into the walls to eventually look like this:

Our basic front doors are custom designed of solid alder with sidelights.  This door is in the process of being installed.  Most of our door hardware and hinges are from Emtek.
All of our homes have fire sprinkler s…