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Why Photovoltaic Systems?

Photovoltaic Systems (Solar Panels) are becoming the norm, and for good reason!

This clean and renewable power source can save you thousands of dollars a year on electricity bills.

How does it work?  A photovoltaic system is designed to supply your home with usable power from the sun while reducing the energy your home takes from the utility grid.During daylight hours, solar energy (sun light) is converted into direct current (DC) electricity using semiconducting materials. The DC electricity flows to an inverter which converts it into alternating current (AC), which is required for household use.The converted solar electricity is delivered directly to your home’s main electrical service panel.An electric meter measures the net electricity usage, showing the difference between your home consumption and your photovoltaic system’s energy production.Any additional electricity your home needs will be supplied by the utility company and any extra electricity produced by your photovoltaic sys…