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More Pavers!

Our last entry on "how we build your dream home" was about driveways and pavers.  I couldn't pass up posting some beautiful pictures taken of a home finished a few months ago with exquisite paver stones used in the front, back and poolside! 

Pavers add color, texture and add a touch of warmth no matter where you place them!
We would love to build your dream home too!  For more information, visit us at or call Lori at 858-431-9622!

Mark Your Calendars!!!

In just over a month MDD will open the doors of the New Model HomeThe Grand Opening is January 14th, 2012!!!
In the meantime, here are some pictures of the New Model Home being built!  

Come find out how it turned out!!! 
Grand Opening January 14, 2012 Gables Crossing Development in Del Sur More info to come!
Questions? Call Lori at 858-431-9622

How We Build Your Dream Home - Part 13

Let’s talk a little bit about driveways!  Yes, driveways - the welcoming path leading you to your beautiful dream home!

MDD knows that a driveway says a lot about the home and can act as a decorative function to the homes' exterior.  For that purpose, most of our homes use a combination of colored concrete flatwork and pavers.

Instead of the standard dull, grey concrete flatwork, concrete can come in a variety of colors and different finishes to bring pizzazz to the front of a home.  But it must be done right!  Maintaining the structural integrity of high quality concrete requires precisely mixing aggregates, prompt delivery to ensure proper curing, and accurate application techniques to achieve a durable finish.Different methods will produce diverse finishes – usually smooth finish for indoors and textured finish for exterior areas.Most of our homes have a driveway made of Del Sur colored concrete with broom finish and jointing.

To add even more character and appeal to a driveway, m…