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What makes it a "Super" Model?

Hopefully your calendars are marked by now for our new "Super" Model Grand Opening!  It is set for July 11th and 12th and it is really going to impress! 

We are doing some unique things with this model home.  It is more urban and transitional in design than many of our past homes.  The exterior stone is modern in size, shape, and texture and is dark in color which makes the lighter acrylic stucco pop.  Also unique to the exterior are the gables accented with aluminum metal amongst the flat concrete roof tiles. 

This home is considered our "Super" Model because it showcases innovative design features and a variety of options that you can touch and feel, from flooring material to unique ceiling design.  Set up like a museum or learning center, there will be informative, easy to read displays describing the quality craftsmanship of the home and amenities found therein.  Examine the quality, texture, and wear, of structures and conveniences exhibited, like exposed re…

"Super Model" Home Opens in JULY!

McCullough Design Development has been busy creating their brand new “Super Model” home of the future.Opening in Del Sur July 11th and 12th, this home is vastly different than their homes of the past.MDD is introducing unique, modern elements both inside and out.The home has a more urban and bold look with dark stone and brick textures interspersed with smooth acrylic stucco on the outside.The interior is open and inviting, filled with more modern, varying textures seen in the brick accented walls and ceiling and the use of exposed steel I-beams.Transitional finishes are durable and easy to clean as displayed by the quartzite countertops, rectified porcelain flooring, and epoxy garage finish.MDD’s classic great room is the central focus of the home, opening up through sets of flush track panoramic French doors to the outdoor veranda room.Nearly seamless transitions lead to the full outdoor kitchen with stainless steel cabinets and the outdoor spa-spool.
One of the most exciting parts o…