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Open Beam Ceilings

A popular option in the homes designed and built by MDD is the open wood beam ceiling over the family room.  Beautiful vaulted ceilings with exposed wood beams draw your attention up, adding character to the room with an open, spacious feel.

Our wood beams are sandblasted to bring out the texture in the wood grain and then stained to the client's taste.

Architects often use open beams to break up a large area.  Here we see the transition from dining to family room, giving this large living area unique space with beautiful detailing and design appeal.
Wood beams are often stained to match surrounding wood work and baseboards.
Here we can see a natural wood ceiling with starkly stained wood beams.
The ceiling doesn't need to be vaulted to get a beautiful unique look with our 10' ceilings.
You can also add natural beauty to an outdoor patio with open wood beams.
Visit our website at or stop by our model home for more information about building a home with M…

How We Build Your Dream Home - Part 10

Step 10 - Picking up where we left off in building our dream home, we will discuss a little bit more about masonry work and rain gutters!  (Because who doesn't like a good rain gutter?)

A few postings ago I had described the process of stuccoing our homes.Along with that I mentioned a little bit about the use of stone veneer as a unique feature of many of our homes.The masons are not only working on exterior stone veneer of the home, but also stone fireplaces walls and hearths (indoor and outdoor) as well as stone walls.

Outdoor stone veneer fireplace wall.
 Indoor stone veneer fireplace wall.
Entire inner courtyard wall of stone.
Courtyard half wall.
The next two are pictures of very different outdoor BBQ areas with stone veneer work. 

As described before, the veneer is typically 1 inch thick and must weigh less than 15 lbs per square foot so that no additional structural supports will be required.Clients have the option of stone veneer made from natural stone or manufactured stone.Ofte…

In the Details

Because McCullough Design Development builds custom homes, every customer brings a little bit of their own style and character into their home decor and design.  Details can make all of the difference in making a home uniquely yours. 

Curved walls and baseboard add an elegant look to any room.  
Add pizazz to a bathroom with colorful tile back splashes that match a wall niche around the corner.
Customize a library, complete with swivel ladder. 
Hand paint wall decorations  - ranging from an intricate design with embedded sparking jewels to an entire wall mural. 
Building a home with McCullough Design Development can be such a fun and exciting process because you gain the freedom to truely make it your home!  Imagine the possibilities!  For more information on building a home with MDD, visit our website at!