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SubZero-Wolf Showroom Tour!

If you have ever gotten the chance to walk through one of our model homes, or looked closely at the photos of the kitchens on our website, you will notice that each house, unique as they may be, have one thing in common: the appliances. McCullough Design Development is a BIG fan of SubZero-Wolf products, and their trademarked red knobs can be seen in every MDD home, as they are considered standard for all of our homes.

Our contact at SubZero-Wolf (SZ-W) invited MDD to come and see their showroom in Costa Mesa and have lunch! We said "absolutely!" and took a little trip up there this past Friday. The showroom was breathtaking! Every mock kitchen display was something out of a chef's dream. We got a full tour of the place, allowing us to see all of SZ-W's latest innovative products, including the newest addition to their brand: the Cove Dishwasher. This dishwasher operates with near silence, ensures spotless dishes every time, and is adaptive to the dishes you wash the most.
A rangetop with dual-stacked sealed burners

Dual convection ovens, cooktops and rangetops, wine storage, microwaves, outdoor grills, coffee systems, built-in, integrated, and under-counter refrigeration were all a part of the tour. Ovens with smart technology that allow you to cook a medium rare steak to perfection every time, under-counter refrigeration that allows for optimal kitchen space, and rangetops with dual-stacked sealed burners gives you that exact temperature of a true simmer. In every appliance you could see how SZ-W perfectly executed efficiency and usefulness in their products, coupled with sleek designs.

By the end of the visit, our confidence in why we use SubZero-Wolf appliances as the standard in each custom estate home we build was reassured. As a design-build company we believe in the excellence of quality and paying the utmost attention to detail, using SubZero-Wolf products adds to this quality assurance and aligns with everything we feel a home should be.