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Kitchen Transformations

Where food and merriment are meant to be shared!
Kitchens are the central place of any home where family and friends come together to enjoy the simple pleasures of dinners and parties. Over the years we have seen an abundance of constructive designs where kitchen themes have varied greatly from traditional cottage to futuristic smart home fashions. Here are some of our favorite themes that we still love and create today! 


Let your imagination run wild with these kitchens! The boundaries for fun and design are truly limitless here. Instead of muting a solid color throughout the kitchen, a second lighter or contrasting color can be added to bring out the darker wood features that are in either the flooring or ceiling beams. A more common trend has been installing white or cream colored cabinetry that certainly brightens up a home. In focused points, see-thru glass cupboards are added to bring a unique style and allow more use for decoration inside cabinets as well. These kitchens can vary widely from home to home as color and eccentric pieces of decoration can change the overall look and feel of what a kitchen is and could be. 


It is no wonder why this original theme still is a huge favorite among most of our clients. The whole setting itself demands that admirers "relax, sit down, drink a glass of wine while eating portabella." The distressed dark wood cabinetry, with painted glass colored light fixtures gives homage to dimly lit restaurants and villas that thrive in the Italian countryside. A classic mosaic piece of such a setting intertwined with poppy fields and scattered trees may reside above the stove area making these kitchens more than just a place for storage and cooking but as a place to create an ambiance for fine detail and heart to culture. Warm gold and tan colored tones are brought out within granite counter tops, painted walls and overlaying stone tile flooring that emanates the grand antiquated picture of a perfect Tuscan setting.


In recent years, modernist designs have become a highly sought after theme for custom made homes. As a build and design company, we have successfully brought together both modern sharp edges and clean classic lines that gives our homeowners the feel for "home" that they desire. Large stone island slabs are the center of attention in these kitchens that establish the basic foundations for color and the more simplistic natural elements. Amenities and fixtures are of course meant to be bold and large so as to gain the most potential use from a kitchens spacing as well as create more openness for easy accessibility in every part. 

Designing a comfortable environment in an area that is meant to both create and host meals takes an eye for blending multiple home elements along with adding a dash of rich personality. We make sure that our home kitchens exceed expectations and reach handcrafted excellence no matter what our clients ask for.