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Using Bold Colors in Your Home

Designing the interior of your dream home is just as important as laying out the the floor plan and exterior. MDD Homes is there for you the whole design and development process, leading you through every detailed step, but the inside of your home? That's all you (okay and maybe a little help from an interior designer)! MDD delivers you a blank canvas waiting for all its empty spaces to be filled with your personal touch.

Maybe you are in the process of designing and building your very own home, currently remodeling, or thinking about getting new furniture, whatever the case, here are some tips on using bold color(s) in your home.

Color theory is a serious science, but simply put, it explores how color affects peoples feelings. When applied to interior design you can create a space that has the power to change moods and establish a distinguished style while achieving your design dreams.

You can start by choosing one look for your entire home (this does not mean one color). For example, if you decide on pastel/watercolor tones like blush pink, lilac, and baby blue, then stick to those accents for each room. Or if you want richer colors and jewel tones like brick red, deep purple, and emerald green stick to those more saturated shades. The goal is to make your home flow, each room being a complement to the next.

Balance is key. It would be a bit overwhelming for every wall in your home to be painted blue or red! So pick one wall that you want to stand out in a room and paint that one, then make the rest of the walls a neutral tone. You don't have to paint walls to add color to a room though! Bring life to a room through use of pillows, blankets, and home decor.

A little pop of color never hurt anyone!